After Hazardous Air condition, Dusty Winds Added Woes to the Delhites…

The National Capital and also its adjoining cities are engulfed with dense smog on  Wednesday as air quality worsen due to rise in coarse particle P10 and P2.5 in the air, probably to continue till Friday as per the information given by the Officials. Last time such level of pollution was observed, when farm firing in the adjoining cities propelled the air quality in “HAZRDOUS” state.

The Capital experienced one of its hottest days; so far this summer with 34 degree Celsius, six notches above the normal. Dusty winds even further added woes to the Delhites due to hazardous air condition.

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The cause of present problem is likely to be the strong winds coming from the west, particularly Rajasthan moving with the speed of 40-50 km per hour, bring along with them dust particles. An anti cyclonic flow over North West India is directing these winds towards Delhi.

The Supreme Court appointed panel Environmental pollution Control Board (EPCB) has sent consultative to the Chief Secretaries of Delhi as well as NCR region for sprinkling water on the streets in order to tamp down some of the air particulates. The ministry has also notified major construction agencies, Municipal Corporations, Delhi pollution Control Committee to ensure sprinkling of water.

EPCA member Sunita Narain said, “We are monitoring the situation and may impose severe plus guidelines on Thursday if things don’t improve.

The EPCB data shows the level of PM10 or particulate matter 10 (an inhalable particle of diameter generally 10 micrometer or even lesser) today which has increased from yesterday 824ug/m3 closer to 1300ug/m3 in Delhi-NCR and Delhi. The acceptable limit of PM10 is 100ug/m3, level of 500ug/m3 or above is a severe condition.

The level of PM2.5 was also displayed which remained constant at 211gm/m3.

The acceptable limit is 60gm/m3, still below the severe level of 250gm/m3.

As air quality deteriorated to severe level the Delhites are left breathless due to such state. Seeing the present situation doctors of Delhi have advised people suffering with breathing problems not to travel outside as it may worsen their problem resulting to respiratory disorder, use of mask whenever they are out.

‘Sudden asthma attack, viral fever, dry cough, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), allergies etc. are some common respiratory diseases.

Arvind Kumar, a lung surgeon, at a medical facility in Delhi said that smog scares all, but the elderly persons, the children and for those who have asthma were at risk. ”If such situation happened in western world the city would have been evacuated to some safer place but for us we can just pray for rain and dust to settle down, he told AFP

Let’s pray for Delhi to breathe in fresh air soon.

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